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. >> you want to update on the orioles? >> zach, we wondered if he'd find his form? he found it today. next in sports. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >> from the sports center, this is 11 sports. >> the orioles saw a 5th quality start from zack briton, after his debut in minnesota. they are 37-5 with a quality start, going for a 5th win and a series in in cleveland. j.j. hardy -- he went yard, 2-0 orioles. here is briton. it is very good. striking out cabrera. signature pitch of the day -- called strike three. six shutout innings. orioles in control. on the release, up the middle -- and he flies. sticks the landing. all going well for the orioles. little did we know how important this would be. orioles take a 4-0 lead. three runs by the tribe. johnson gets cabrera -- the birds are rolling. baseball hall of fame added barry larkin and ron santo, with the ultimate tribute. santo passed away in december 2010. his late wife described
and the forecast, a little tonight and more tomorrow. details just ahead. >> thank you per the greatest orioles pitcher of all time stands larger than life outside of camden yards cared before today's game, they unveiled a statue of jim palmer. this is not the video. we hope you can see the statue. many forward roll greats were on hand -- former oriole grades were on hand, including cal ripken. >> what makes me emotional is the fact that i did it all here and people supported me. the statue is symbolic of, i was the greatest oriole pitcher. but there were a lot of other great pitchers. >> a little later in sports, hear more about this very big day in a big honor for jim palmer. local basketball coach honor today. ompay as hed pete pmpa battles alzheimer's disease. his former players say it was the least they could do. >> this was not just a basketball game but a chance for teammates to get back to someone who made a difference. >> it is in support of the coach pompay foundation. he was a guy that instilled in me a lot of values, a lot of encouragement. >> the legendary pete pompay led them to n
and an escalating war of words. that story is coming up. >> the orioles face a battle of their own taking on the reigning vp on the mound. >> expect some heat and humidity today. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> live, local, late-breaking, this is wbal-tv 11 news today. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it is thick outside. already starting off warm. 74 degrees at the airport. the inner harbor temperature is not reporting but i would bet it is at least 80 degrees. not fun to be on the upward side of that. average high is 88. we could be almost 10 degrees above that. the hot spot downtown, near 98 degrees. it will feel like the low 100's. a slight chance for a thunderstorm. >> good morning. a new accident in the past few minutes in hampstead along route 30. watch for it delays developing. westbound 70 at the patapsco river bridge, a tow truck is on the scene. the accident is off to the side. we are not tracking any delays.
. >> the orioles are looking for some pitching. >> reports surfaced they work interested -- they were interested. it did not last one today. we will tell you about another pitcher they could be interested in. that is coming up in sports. the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy bueno any time of day. get to your local subway and claim your steak today -- with new santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. >> this is 11 sports. >> it is no secret that orioles would like to party spatting. you would like to add a starting pitcher. today the buzz is around a new player. the orioles have contacted the astros about rodriguez. the asking price figures to be less than for the other player. last night, gonzales making his first major-league start. he was wearing the glove of a late teammate in the minors. this is a three-run blast that gave the orioles a 3-1 lead. he serves up the homer to t
time is or anything, but that's a big loss. >>> the orioles in cleveland, second batter j.j. hardy and he goes yard with a man on off josh tomlin, a quick 2-0 lead for the orioles, his 14th zinger this season. next time up hardy has another hit right back up the middle, but look at the reflexes in tomlin, nice snag. he's got good hands. the orioles up 4-3 in the 9th, two men on and jim johnson gets cabrera swinging. the orioles hold on for the sweep of the three-game series on the road. >>> it's time for a quick break, but coming up it's a great meltdown at the british open for the third round leader adam scott, but it did open the door for a surprise winner. stay with us.  >>> welcome back to the washington area nissan dealers sports xtra. >>> the name ernie els was not heard at the british open until today. he was six shots off heading into the final round. adam scott had a pretty comfy four-shot advantage and would have to really self-destruct for els to even have a chance, but that's exactly what happened. we begin with tiger woods. his third shot is out of th
dog eating contest. bighe orioles pitcher's day, straight ahead. >> severe thunderstorms in the mountains. >> that is part of a 78-year-old tradition in dundalk today, the dundalk heritage parade was the first to of the day in baltimore county. from the politicians to the fans, it is a great way to show patriotism. catonsville residence planted themselves in the chairs they set up weeks ago for today's parade there. it started at montrose avenue and frederick road. catonsville has held this parade for the last 66 years. in towson, this parade kicked off at 10:30 this morning and ended when it reached york road. >> it would not be the fourth of july without a nauseating display of gluttony. the country's top competitive peter's carried out the traditional hot dog eating competition and this year, once again, joey chaz not did not disappoint. he matched his previous record to capture the coveted mustard yellow bell. winners got $10,000 and hopefully some pep abysmal. >> now, your insta-weather forecast with chief meteorologist tom tasselmyer. >> hot and steamy around the ba
. >> the orioles are trying to snap their three-game losing streak this afternoon. >> they're trying to get back to their winning ways, but that is hard to do when they're pitcher gets hurt. >> jim palmer's rose a man -- resumeis -- jim palmer's reads like this. he spent his entire 19-year career in the yen -- in an orioles uniform. palmer in bronze, a terrific li keness. jim palmer has accomplished at all, but today's may be number one on the list. >> he has accomplished a lot. it is the orioles. it is one of the greatest honors you can have as a player. less than 300 people. but this is the orioles. it is the only a former war. -- the only uniform i wore. right now, the orioles are leading 4-1 in the seventh inning. jason hamels will miss his next court after aggravating a knee injury in the last game. the results have not been made public from the mri. this is the same right knee that has been giving him problems since may. the birds are also making a number moves today. a designated picture been in eden. they are activating catcher keller teagarden. the third-place yankees in action against
the weekend and last week.but chief meteorologist vytas reid.... 3 3 will the orioles lose out on theer first round cunningham has that tory next innsports. 3 cocococococococococo[ barks ]st] [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about... and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone likes a bit of order in their life. virtual wallet helps you get it. keep track of spending, move money with a slide, and use the calendar. all to see your money how you want. ♪ with the orioles shuttdown for the all star break, time is running ssort to sign their have until friday afternoon to signed, or lose hii.. gausman - him.. published reports out of ew orleans last night s
, no one was seriously hurt. 3 3 good news for the orioles... nick markakis is on his way back...when he o's right sports unlimited... ♪ ♪ looking for someone you can trust? with ase certified technicians and the latest technology, this is the exception to the rule. this is sears auto center. the new santa fe steak melts. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt -- a favorito for breakfast but muy bueno any time of day. get to your local subway and claim your steak today -- with new santa fe steak melts. subway. eat fresh. that's all for the late edition. thanks so much for joining us, i'm jennifer gilbert. up next is bruce cunningham, sports unlimited ssarts right noww theeorioles limped into the all star break having lost 13 of their last 19 and clearly looked like a discouraged peam...well, help is on the way. this evening, the orioles officially reinstated nickk markakis to the ros
. the orioles will start a series with minnesota. the tigers were in town over the weekend. justin verlander took to the mound for the tigers. he struck out eight. the orioles lost 4-0. keith mills will have more coming up later in sports. how do you see the second half of the season playing out for the orioles? you can share your response on, on our facebook page, or send us an e-mail to >> 75 degrees on tv hill. president obama and mitt romney continue their campaigns today. >> the search is on for a new president at florida a&m university. >> this is the beltway at bel air road. more on weathe >> welcome back. 5:09. we have a few clouds in the sky. it is a muggy starts today. we had seven decent rain pushed through last night. we can see the thunderstorms pushing through the wrath the evening hours. the airport itself only received about 0.6 of an inch yesterday. we're expecting to see dry conditions for the next couple of days. we are about an inch below normal for the entire month. hoping to get some better rain in the seven-day forecast and i will det
orange and black. ron matz reports, that's because the orioles are baseball's surprise team. >> reporter: and the orioles get the rubber game in this three-game series. >> reporter: the orioles are as hot as baltimore's weather. >> very happy with the way things are going. they're doing great. >> reporter: baltimore is a sea of orange and black. at poor boys in dundalk, owner mike tyson says o's gears is flying off the shelves. >> more and more people wearing orange every day. kids, dogs, you name it. women, men, lots of orange. >> reporter: the ladies are showing their colors, too. >> the ladies come in. they get dressed up for the ball game. and they just like the look. >> reporter: we're looking at the o's a lot more on the tube. masn says ratings are up, 48%. attendance is also up here at the yard. by an average of more than 4,000 fans per game, over last season. >> very, very, very, very happy. very happy. you know? above 500, i'll take it. >> reporter: mike tyson is happy and taking stock. >> the orioles, we've had to expand, expand, move it all. and pack ravens stuff away. and get
you the very latest on air and online at >>> six legendary orioles the focus of a season-long celebration at cal den yards. fans today cheered for a real team favorite. >> reporter: number 22 jim palmer becomes the third or quoll honored with a bronze statue at camden yards. >> so me, the theme of all these statues is not about what i did, because i wouldn't have won cy young awards, wouldn't have been in the world series, wouldn't have won all the gold gloves, if i didn't have teammates. >> reporter: palmer started his career with the orioles in 1965. after 19 seasons, he had one of the best pitching records in all of major league baseball, a 2.86 earned run average, 2,212 strikeouts. a huge crowd of fans paid tribute to palmer, snapping pictures of the player and his 7-foot tall likeness. >> i think it's a celebration of all the oriole history and the great things we've got ton grow up with. >> you can feel the magic during the game. we'll have highlights coming up in sports. sculptures of eddie mor youry, cal ripkin, and eddie robinson will be unveiled. >>> here's a ne
match-up, there is also an oriole game and also the the oticon japanese anime convention. >> busy weekend, monique. >> reporter: very busy. >> it starts tomorrow. tickets are still available. >>> why a washington state couple is watching their yard disappear piece by piece. >> a wall street trader who died this court is finally solved. >> it's unreal. i'm still trying to get past it. >> the bizarre rescue that has baltimore city paramedics in disbelief. >> i'm bob turk. i'll have the complete first warning weather forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >> it's partly cloudy and 80 degrees in central maryland right now. the complete first warning weather is coming up. >>> one man's yard is dropping piece by piece down a 200-foot cliff in washington state. the hole is swallowed up a century's old tree. the fire department is concerned because of the edge. it will cause a natural sprain to change its course. >>> bolt of lightning starts a fatal chain of events in new york city. the lightning strike unleashed an avalanche of scoff of scaffolding. this woman said it was a surreal ev
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. that is the best we have ever seen and always thinks of his orioles. >> he played only in an oriole uniform. cal played only in an oriole uniform. [ applause ] >> and i never played in any other uniform but the orioles so -- [ applause ] >> it was an emotional day. he talked about his good friend mike flannigan and it was a history lesson and great to see buck and adam jones and jim johnson also taking in the event yesterday. he doesn't have a statue yet but he was honored for what he has done for our city. the legendary high school coach had a benefit basketball game yesterday. it was held at edmonson west side. he built that program and all the money will be raised to help coach pete staying at home to fight alzheimer's. >> just remembering day today activities. alzheimer's is a terrible disease and my biggest thing right now is to make people aware of it and what is going on. >> rhonda plans to have a website up and running tomorrow to help coach pete and her dad out. >> great time with the teams of the 80s and '90s. >> they are fake. many are falling for this trick, a trick that has police
with a plan of what to do next. jim thome... hits ...his first homer an oriole../.the... former bird... he passed... on... the... all-time home run in sports unlimited... all-time home run in sports unlimited... we gotta sell the car. where would ven start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here. çç that's all for the late edition i'm jeff barnd barnd...and i'm karen parks... jed gamber joins us now for sports unlimited... jed the orioles pitchers and hitters haven't been on the same page in a while...the last time the birds scored 6 or more runs and held their opponent to under 6 runs was june 13th...that was until toni. tonight... top of the 3rd...o's up 4-1... ryan flaherty with a big flare to right...3-run bomb...his 3rd of the year...o's up 7-1... .play of the night comes 2 pitches later...nick markakis flies it down the left field line...johnny damon leaps into the seats for the catch...take another look as the 38-year-old shows of
dreamed about. >> and this afternoon, prior to the orioles, the team unveiling the sculpture for jim palmer, a three-time cy young award winner. the orioles entered the ninth, 4-3, and barry with the bases to left and ties the game. he tries to give them a leap and we go to extras and tied 4- 4. moving to the bottom of the 13th and tied at 6. activated off of the dl and the first game of the season. second at-bat of the year and hit the game-winning 2-run home run: the orioles beat the tigers and we know what is coming and he does, too. the old shaving creme pie to the face. >>> coming up, kevin durant is back home and brought his 11 closest nba friends with him, team usa. we'll hear from the star after the break.  [ romney ] i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] when a president doesn't tell the truth, how can we trust him to lead? the obama outsourcing attacks: "misleading, unfair and untrue." there was "no evidence" that mitt romney shipped jobs overseas. candidate obama lied about hillary clinton. so, shame on you, barack obama. [ ma
saturday. >> this is 11 sports. >> the last time the orioles made an unexpected run to the playoffs, back in 1989 had a pitcher named j. -- named dave johnson. today his son steve was called to join the pitching staff. the orioles have seven games left before the all-star game. they have not won back-to-back games since and dropping the weekend set to the indians. the orioles have now lost nine of the last 12. as an amorous to start for the orioles tonight. he can further his chances of making the all-star team. hallam and four other americans remain on the ballots. fan voting will decide which last picture will go to the game. in one month, the world will watch swimming, diving, and tennis, but maryland has officially dropped those two sports. the school will honor all of dishing -- all existing contracts. michael phelps coach said it felt will not swim in the 200 meter freestyle event in london. that leaves him with seven scheduled events in london, one less than he competed in last year in beijing. the coach believes it will help phelps to help the u.s. team in the three relay races he
culture appeared right now we're watching the orioles and hoping they are successful. that is what we do. we have something coming along that we want to talk about. we're in ducting two -- we are inducting cal ripken and eddie murray. we have an order fact today -- an order faartifact from this is a jersey from his last year. the orioles commemorated that with a patch. there are ways to identify the uniform. tickets go on sale today appeared using get tickets to the gala starting today by calling sports legends. >> it does support the museum, helping to keep this going. people can come here and see this jersey which was the last one that cal ripken war as an oriole. the u.s. more information about the gala. >> they can call the museum or go on line to baberuthmuse cal ripken and eddie murray. this is an opportunity for the committee to celebrate. >> we will talk about all the items in the museum. they have so many items here about all sports in maryland so all sports fans can find something. >> there are so many cool things around camden yards. >> the downstairs is a littl
about the mouth where -- malware. >> just a few more days until three of baltimore orioles played in the all-star game. their production team is cranking out some signature handcrafted baseball bats for the game on sunday. the home run derby on monday and the all-star game tuesday night. each player and coach for received a souvenir. if you are a fan of the beach, the keys, you might want to mark this event on your calendar. a group in ocean city is hosting a bikini beach parade. 450 women will need to bear a little bit of skin to break the record. 60% of the proceeds will go to local charities. no guys are allowed to don a two-piece. >> your insta-weather-plus forecast with tom tasselmyer -- >> that is one way to stay cool. we will need it the next couple of days, triple-digit heat keeps coming at us. this is the way the radar looked at 5:00. storms popping in and south central pennsylvania. in isolated spots up on 543, some damage there. the storms continue tracking south and east and have pulled away. we still has some cloud cover, residual cloudiness from the storms in the are
of this month's trade deadline for the orioles...will be &abou only.starting pitching.'s not even the all star brrak...and 3 of the orioles starters, who were on the active roster on opening day... are now in triple-a norfolk.tommy huuter, brian matusz ... and last night jake arrieta joined them. . basicclly, after tonight and miguel gonzalez's debut... the orioles will be working on a two-mmn rotation... jason hammel and wei yin chin.major decisions have toobe made about o's starters during next week's all-star break.because thh orioles are still in 2nd place behind the yankkes... but that wwll ot last with 2 starterss.. even 3 when chris pillman returns from double-a bowie. arrieta has the worst e-r-a of he group at 6-13... he's only lasted 3-and-2 thirds in each of his last 2 losses with 10 and hasn't had a quality tart since june 2nd...tommy hunter had a trip to the bullpen before he was sent to tte minors...hunter an inning and 2 thiids in is last outting with the o'ss.. wimbledon...roger federrr takes down novak djokovic 6--, 3-6, 6-4, 6-3 in the semifiials to advance to
, the orioles had three players selected to the all-star. congrats. >>> orioles hosting the indians today. top of the 4th. fly ball to right, and davis drops it. not your ordinary sac fly, because they get an out at second base. today they lose 6-2. >>> coming up, first the caps came calling, then the hall of fame came calling. what a week for adam oats. that's next. our cloud is not soft and fluffy. our cloud is made of bedrock. concrete. and steel. our cloud is the smartest brains combating the latest security threats. it spans oceans, stretches continents. and is scalable as far as the mind can see. our cloud is the cloud other clouds look up to. welcome to the uppernet. >>> welcome back. caps signed joey crab, from the maple leaves. he's joining a team according to the owner, ready to win now. i went head to head with the new head coach, who had a big week of his own. >> do you get the call before or after you became head coaches? >> it was about an hour after. i was still getting calls from my friends and family. what a day. incredible. i never expected it. i kind of forgot about it, beca
food. >> 67 degrees on tv hill. trade rumors swirl. the orioles plan to stay in the hunt for the playoffs. >> i have the last jersey that cal ripken war as an oriole. more information including the induction of cal ripken. >> if you're a fan of 80 degree temperatures, you'll like but temperatures, you'll like but tony has to sa it's the perfect match for the perfect moment -- oreo the dunkin' way. introducing the new oreo coffee coolatta and new oreo vanilla bean coolatta. taste the fun today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in to dunkin' and try the new oreo coolatta and donuts today. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. sarah caldwell checking on your morning commute. will been tracking an accident in columbia. we're trying to confirm that columbia road maybe reopen. you may want to avoid that intersection. pulaski highway at my ministry, we have an accident in the city. 65 -- pulaski haole at monument we switch over to a live view of traffic and this is not 50 at sandy point. this is 95 coming down from 152, mountain road.
, and a little drier, we think by the second half of the weekend. >>> thank you bob. coming up, the orioles fight to keep playoff hopes alive. >> back home for a critical series against tampa bay. ,,,,, >>> the best job in broadcasting, mark with the ravens all day, gets to talk about the orioles. he's here with the sports report. >> it is season overlap, and you need a good car. we'll start at the ballpark, where the orioles have reason to be pleased they are in playoff contention, but reason for concern as well. they're not scoring runs consistently. that makes for nervous times while they try to keep postseason hopes alive. a beautiful night to start a home stand. these fans might be too far away from a souvenir, but adam jones gives it a shot. a long shot. into the upper bullpen. 445feet away. 1-0 orioles. jones has 23 home runs this season. all right, chen pitching for the orioles, and he pitched very well, except for this delivery to brooks conrad. conrad crushed it. a home run to the seats in left field. that put tampa bay on top 2-1. the o's had no answer, because of their struggling offe
to fall back on. >> reporter: in september, the orioles will unveil a statue of cal as part of the oriole lendl series. >> the orioles have a rich -- legend series. >> the orioles have a rich history of baseball. they haven't won in a while but history should be celebrate and the guys they picked for this, you know, in many ways i didn'texpect it to be so emotional but it's really nice. >> reporter: tim rutherford, abc2 news. >> and the kid participating this week will also get a tour of camden yards and tickets to future o's games. not bad. >> not bad. >> a little hot for that. i feel bad for them. >> and orioles are not in town this week and that's good news. next week they are back and it will be cooler. >> good. >> we will show you that in the 7-day forecast. it's so hot outside. >> almost 80. >> it's 81 degrees and we are on the way to 100 and we will show you therising at 6:30. hey, we love -- talk about this. >> ellicott city. kid in the neighborhood having a lemonade stand. when was the last teem you went to a lemonade stand. >> a couple days ago. >> made me turn around and i got
. will this cooler air heat wave oo thee ay? way? let's go to meteorologist tony pagnotti. 3 both the orioles and the ravens are feeling the pressure from a ticking in sports unlimited [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt or add egg for a santa fe steak, bacon & egg melt, perfect for breakfast or any time of day. subway. eat fresh. you don't exactly have that green thumb. but your siding? that's pro. finish like a pro with cabot wood stains. cabot...that's pro. that's all for the late edition, i'm jennifer ilbert. sports unlimited starts right now, here's bruce cunninnham. ravens fans, your long way is widning down...exactly two weeks from today, they open training camp in owings mills...and the clock is too...this one involving ray ri. rice.. afternoon to sign rice to a long term contract, otherwise he will play the upcoming season under the franchise tag, which will earn him 7.7 pillion this seaaon...if and &pwhen a deal is struck, it's expected rice will get somewhere in
a home groww oriole finds his staa in ballimore to bb very phort...bruce unningham has in spoots. 3 the roof was open and the sun was shining.,..two relatively the orioles and game series...former mariner phenom chris tillman was called up from norfolkkfor the spot startt and he had some offensive help vry early... early... tillman to aalead with this --3 shot to left...his 20th omee pun of the year...aad the throwing well...herr in the bottom of the second he punches outtjohn jaso..tillman's ffrst major &pleague start sinne august of 20-11.......and got some more offensive 33d, chris davis shooos this single into right...robert andino was -0......and daaid pretty fair withhthe glove as well...cvheck out &pkawasakii..right now, the bordd lead it 4-0 in the 6th., with tillman beeng called up foo today's start, that meant someone had tt go...and the lattst home grown oriileewas ttat guy...steve johnson,,a former star at ss paul's, seen here, was sent back to norfolk without throwing a single thh orioles, assaanice 2.73 g with
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heat wave oo thee ay? way? let's go to meteorologist tony pagnotti. 3 both the orioles and the ravens are feeling the pressure from a ticking in sports unlimited that's all for the late edition, i'm jennifer ilbert. sports unlimited starts right now, here's bruce cunninnham. ravens fans, your long way is widning down...exactly two weeks from today, they open training camp in owings mills...and the clock is too...this one involving ray ri. rice.. afternoon to sign rice to a long term contract, otherwise he will play the upcoming season under the franchise tag, which will earn him 7.7 pillion this seaaon...if and &pwhen a deal is struck, it's expected rice will get somewhere in the mid-40 million's not - known what the snag in about..headingginto hhss4th year, rice led the entire nfl scrimmage last season. 3 to thge college game...and some pre-season recognitiio for a maryland terrapin... tight end matt furstenburg has been named to the pre-season watch list for the john mackey award, which goes to the nation's best at that posstion...a consennus pre- for 34
. the orioles open up the second half of the season, with fans hoping this is the year the losing streak ends. wjz is live at orioles park. mark viviano has more. >> taking on the detroit tigers who are taking their batting practice behind me. nick markakis will be there to quach them. he's among -- back. the entire team is expected to be excited about, too. >> reporter: 3-1, delivery. in the air. he got all of it. way back. >> reporter: april and may were magnificent. >> and the orioles have come back to win it. >> reporter: the high-flying birds spent the early part of the season in first place. raising expectations and hopes. then june and july, hot weather, but the o's cooled. especially the hitters. yet through it raul, they -- all, they remain in play-off contention, midway through the season. baltimore baseball fans have reason to believe. the players recognize the support and want to give those fans something to cheer. >> having this place packed with 47,000 people. you know, for a play-off game or -- or even a game in august that is -- that means a lot. you know? but it would be all
king, bloomberg news, for wbal-tv 11 news. >> 6:20. the orioles continue their west coast swing. will the outcome of the heavenly? >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. >> now traffic pulse 11 and insta-weather plus together. >> good morning. kim dacey checking on your morning commute. we have some debris northbound on 95 approaching the beltway. there are some accidents in the city. in baltimore county, baltimore mill road remains shut down in both directions -- baldwin mill road. traffic is down to one lane in each direction and we expect to see a backup. use 83 as your alternate. a traffic light out in dorsey of anne arundel county. we will check of the major roadways. this is north of security boulevard. we switchover to 95 in the area of 195. things looking fine north and southbound. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> good morning. very little change expected today. temperatures will be close to 100 today. 73 in taneytown. hazy sunshine today. high temperature between 96 and 101. a slight chance for a thunderstorm later this afternoon.
you. the orioles could not finish off a sweep of the indians last night. fans cannot be happier with the season so far. football fans are cheering the ravens return to training camp today. joe flacco and rookies will start practice sessions at the under armour performance center in owings mills this afternoon. veterans will join them. the rest of the team is expected to arrive tomorrow. the ravens play their first preseason game two weeks from friday. keith mills will have lots more on training camp and the orioles' lost last night. >> 76 degrees on tv hill. remembering the first american woman to blast off into outer space. >> how a girl got this car in an awkward position. >> the new iphone five hits stores this fall. >> a few strong thunderstorms are possible this afternoon. >> if you're traveling on the west side, we are tracking some delays because of a vehicle >> welcome back. 6:13. you concede and little hayes on the skycam -- you can see a little haze on the skycam. temperatures will climb into the mid 9 90's. here's the call from we're talking about coming into the nort
their prices are great on sundays for those items. >> that was interesting. 5:50. >> the orioles will looking to crews into rate victory in cleveland but the game turned into a nail biter. >> here is a look at last night's winning maryland lottery numbers. >> time to get to your answers to our water cooler question of the day. >> this morning we asked -- what are you looking forward to most about the 2012 london olympics? >> yeah. >> can i say "kicking" on tv? >> no problem. >> we will read more of your responses in the next hour and post all of them on the front page of our website, >> good morning. my wish is the orioles make the playoffs. i wish i had a dollar for every time i heard this back in april when the orioles got off to a good start. wouldn't be nice when the ravens start training camp that the orioles are live for the playoffs. the orioles won their fifth straight in cleveland. nick markakis with a single. j.j. hardy with a home run. 2-0. zach britton made it stick. this ends the third inning. 2-0. bases loaded. carlos santana looking. luis ayala, ryan flaherty -- he
. >> it's the source for all of my material. >>> still to come tonight. the orioles players get a break for the all-star festivities. >>> management is hard at work trying to improve the team. mark has details next. [ cat meows ] [ woman ] ♪ i just want to be okay ♪ be okay, be okay ♪ i just want to be okay today - ♪ i just want to know today - [ whistles ] ♪ know today, know today - [ cat meows ] - ♪ know that maybe i will be okay ♪ [ chimes ] travelers can help you protect the things you care about... and save money with multi-policy discounts. are you getting the coverage you need... and the discounts you deserve? for an agent or quote, call 800-my-coverage... or visit it's the perfect match for the perfect moment -- oreo the dunkin' way. introducing the new oreo coffee coolatta and new oreo vanilla bean coolatta. taste the fun today. america runs on dunkin'. hurry in to dunkin' and try the new ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake.
. >> the first two games of the series with minnesota saw a miserable game. the orioles [unintelligible] they got a bit of offensive help. chris davis unleashed. a 2-1 game. too high. it should have been caught by mauer. not a strikeout and not a home run. 4-3 orioles, taking the lead. and nobody out, did not allow a run. jim johnson got the job done. i think he even smiled after the game. >> this last two games were kind of scratch and climbing. it is not esthetically pleasing but what is pleasing is the orioles have a w next to it and i like that. next up is cleveland. next stop for tiger woods. he caught a break. fans in europe are less subtle. the winds were calm, and he played well. 3 under 67. adam scott made birdies on 8 of his first 13 holes. phil nicholson played in the afternoon. it was much with the air -- windier. phil nicholson [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood subway: the new santa fe steak melts. get extra grande flavor with the santa fe steak & bacon melt. juicy steak, crispy bacon, and melted cheese with creamy santa fe caesar. or try adding egg for a santa fe steak, ba
is poised to swim for 8 more medals in london. the 200 final, also the son of an orioles great was in the event. only a two-man race down the stretch. lochte and michael phelps neck and neck. who touches first? michael phelps shows that he is ready to shine on the biggest stage. another event on sunday. -- said that he needs to find a partner to improve. tony jumped into the lineup and he brings a hall of fame resume. he is 41. he can no longer play the field and only has five home runs this year. still -- delight >> -- to lie still -- >> we have seen him in our lineup. we have seen him getting on base. >> he would be active in trying to get walters some pitching. the fifth straight game with a lousy start. a solo shot. this gives the indians a 2- nothing lead. chris davis getting out of his slump. a three run shot. that will get out to utah streets. down the line, double. hunter. the loss minimized by the moments before today's game in earl the orioles honored weaver. he led the orioles to four world series. he revolutionized the game with statistics and matchups. he's through
can from the susquahanna sports desk, this is 11 sports. >> for the first time since 2005, the orioles put multiple players in the all-star game. adam jones for the first time in his career. tim johnson, it is his first all-star team. >> they scored the runs and called the game. a lot of it is a reflection on the rest of the team. >> that is why humble -- one humble man. >> hamil is one of five candidates for the last spat -- spot on the al team. the birds hope to split with the indians today. immediately following the game, we have a picture -- pitcher emotional. debut as a pitcher. he went o-for on the day. duncan in. 4-0. bottom of the sixth. this one brings in parting. it made it a 5-2 game. the nd is win. they take three out of four. the orioles -- the indians win. the orioles are on a plane on the way to seattle. >> what is going on? it is not good enough. you can call it obvious or whatever. i got it and they got it too. nobody knows better. >> very frank. some sad news. a successful three year-old philly died in a train accident. the horse crashed through the barrier and died i
through tuesday. >> this is 11 sports. >> not a promising start for the orioles' final road trip before the all-star game. they lost to seattle last night, the team with the worst record in the american league. all of the o's scoring last i came on the one swing. chris davis with a three-run home run. but it did not last. on to the sixth. adam jones at the plate. a line drive, i mean, just lifted. and then just makes an incredible catch. instead of a double or a triple, it is a long, spectacular out. the bases are loaded and jason hamels sees the nights get away. casper wells. nobody is going to catch that one. the mariners got one to beat the orioles 6-3. the orioles have lost 10 of the last 12. publix hernandez goes for the mariners tonight. probably not a guy that they want to see with their struggling offense. hernandez has not given up a run with the last 15 consecutive. and commissioner roger goodell did not budge on the penalties for players. anthony hargrove, will smith, and scott bucci baqubah in delivering his decision, the decision,fujita, , he decided they would not escape p
the orioles are in the market for another starting pitcher. reports had them inquiring about geinke. today, reports that have talked to the astros about wandy rodriguez. the birds in anaheim, facing and the time. weaver on the mound, dealing. adam jones at the plate. down goes jones. the orioles countering with their best pitcher this season, hammel. pjuols tied up. weaver gets j.j. hardy fishing. hardy is frustrated. right now in the fourth inning, the angels' lead 1-0. nick markakis played his first rehab game tonight for aa bowie. this was his first rehab game since wrist surgery june 1. fenway park, day two of the day/night doubleheader. yankees-red sox. texeria, the deepest part of the ballpark. bottom of the second, the yankee showing off their defense. look at the catch by andruw jones. that is a great catch. upt in the sixth. sox add 4 more in the seventh. boston wins, 9-5, splitting the double header. the brewers taking on the astros. greinke on the mound. in the first, the runner is called safe. greinke spike the ball in disgust, he is ejected from the game. the orioles did not g
trying to reestablish his presence on the grid. 11 straight games that the orioles have lost. his first start of the year. >> i feel fine physically, just frustrated because i feel like once i get that spot, i need to battle and find a way to get that win. he did the best he could. >> tonight, he continues his yo- yos that is with the orioles. the orioles are two games over 500 but only a half-game out. stay with us. check of your forecast coming up. >> first of the heat and then mother nature unloads some severe thunderstorms. how the weekend forecast is shaping up. the formula for a pain killer has been changed to make it less attractive to addicts that now appears young abusers have moved appears young abusers have moved onto an illegal chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save. >> this is a look at the traffic backed up at the bay bridge which was closed because of high winds. traffic party says the eastbound lane has been reopened but the traffic is still being holed westbound. scaffolding has to be removed
in the olympics.his up. after takinn 2 of three from the mariiers, the orioles have oved down the coast...tonight, they begin a mighty angels in anaheim... they made a roster move...brrnging up first baseman outfielder joe mahoney up frommnorrolk...he takes chris tillman's oster spot.. spot.. 3tillman earned a spot inb the rotation with wednesday's effort against seattle, but he's been sent down to bowie, where he'll get in a start during the all star breakk and thee rejoin the o's a week frommsunday...his performance in seattle was kind of liie found money..unexpected..buu buck showalter remains cautiously optimistic.. tillman is still just &p24...and another of the 3 orioles' kid pitchers is the number one prospect in all of baseball...basebaal aaerica magaaine listee thw top 50 ppospects in thh game and dylan bundy's name was number one on that list...after domiiating at delmarva, bundy was romoted to frederick, nd era witt the keys...among oriole farmhands, the 19 ear old bundy is joiied on the mahhado, who is listed 9th,, o's aad angels firss pitch tonighttat 10-oh-5...and j
story ----- 3 the orioles have less than 24 hours to sign their top draft close tte o'ss pre to signing kevin gausman... next in sports... pould be the beginning of the second half in major league baseball...but not this year... under the new cba, an extra day has been added to the all star break...everybody gets back after it ttmorrow... tomorrow... 3&aad speaking of tomorrow...that's the eadline for the oriolls to sign their number one draft pick, pitcher kevin gausman of lsu...4:59pm to be exact...and there has been movement today....scouting ddrector gary rajsich said they were quote making progress at midday, adding they were waiting for a proposal from gausman's agent...both sides know what the dollars will be...the 4th overall pick is slotted ffr around 4.2 million...if gausman opts to return to lsu for his senior season, the o's woold get a compensatory pick in next year's draft. 3& elsewhere...another oriole remains in limbo... is reportedly still receivvng aasecond opinion oo his injured hip....which landed him bbck on the diiabled list...reportedly, robert
the powers -- power back on. >>> orioles are as hot as the weather, in more ways than one. the story coming up. here on wjz. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >>> it is just before 5:30. 97 degrees and mostly sunny. good evening, everybody. thanks for staying with eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. it's the extreme heat gripping maryland. temperatures are approaching 100 degrees, making it extremely uncomfortable to be outside. it's even worse for the 40,000 bge customers who still don't have power. today marks the sixth day of suffering without electricity for all of those people. now, even more out-of-state workers are arriving to help bge with restoration efforts. mike schuh reports from the staging area, where they checked in this morning. >> reporter: i'm right on the city-county line. and this roadway is three car widths wide. but because bge cut this car's pathway, they only cu
to 90. >> the orioles are trying to keep the winning streak going. >> they will try to make a for in a row tonight in cleveland. open championship pilots coming up in sports. -- >> from the sports center, that this is 11 sports. >> good evening. after a terrible start to the road trip, and they have rallied. baltimore won the last two against minnesota up and then won the first of four cleveland. last night was a rare rally for the orioles. this one was close. they changes in the third inning. the third of the reader. the fourth inning and jim, at 337 homers. his first as an oriole. he moves into seventh place. we are 10 days shy of the trade lines in baseball. he can see this back off the yankees. it comes 483 game set. baltimore is a half-game back. daytime baseball, in game 1 is a double header. it blew a nine-nothing lead. this is the phenom. it is not good for the 19 year- old. he is re moved. he already got a to run shot from the veteran. for-0. they never lost a major. they're going to continue that standard. tiger will need a big day to catch up with adam scott. a gr
harbaugh expects the rookie to return to work out as soon as tomorrow. the orioles returned to camden yards and knock off the tampa bay rays, 6-2. finally getting a little bit of home field advantage at the yard where they have not had a great deal of success. brian roberts striking out matt wieters for double play in the fourth inning. 2-0, bases loaded. adam jones and matt wieters all come into its core, part of a five-run inning. 5-0 comfortable lead for the orioles. chris davis continue to swing a bat as hot as the conditions. a whole run to center field and the orioles win, 6-2. a big afternoon for chris tillman. >> it comes down to getting my delivery right. i am happy right now. >> tom tasselmyer is back in a minute. a lot of people are hoping things cool off in a hurry. we'll find out, after this. >> harrison looked at what we are working on for 11 news tonight. -- here is a look at what we are working on. a man is accused of hooking up with a 13-year-old, but it is another accusation about his health that is causing the most concern. the opening ceremony for the london olympics is
not appear. >> these youngsters are learning how to be engineers this summer. >> the orioles first half the best in years. we will look at the best of that, coming up. >> we are tracking a few thunderstorms on hd doppler, ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. >> some area middle and high school students are using part of their summer vacation to prepare for careers in engineering. >> one of their science projects got quite a bit of attention today. tim tooten has the story. >> it was the kind of hands-on learning students expected when they signed up for the summer camp. they prepared for a special launch of a test balloon in the middle of campus, with a special payload. >> we put a camera in its and this program to be taking video. we will lift it off about 150 feet into the air and it will take video and record what is happening. >> there were 3 digital cameras with temperature sensors. >> i am very excited to see what is here
good, palmer is the best weave seen and he will always always think of the orioles. >> managed only in an oriole uniform. brooks played only in an oriole uniform. call played only in an oriole uniform. and i never played in any other uniform but the other yells,. >> it was an emotional day talking ability his close friend -- about his close friend mike flanagan, it was great to see buck, adam jones, jim johnson also in the crowd today. maybe they ought to put a statute up of this man, time to honor pete pom pay for what he's done for the city. the legendary high school coach that led dunbar had a benefit in his honor, it was held at edmondson, left side, he scooted over to edmondson and built the basketball and football programs and all money raised to help him fight alzheimer's right from his home. >> not remembering family, and just remembering day-to-day activities, alzheimer's is a terrible disease and my big thing right now is to make people aware of it and what's going on. >> they have a web site to help coach pete out. dunbar and edmondson teams in the 80s and 90s, great turn
slightly above average for monday and tuesday. >>> the orioles go for another win on the road. >> is it enough to beat the twins? we have more next in sports. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> good night for the orioles. >> things straightened out. you play 162 baseball games, and no doubt some of them are ugly. that's how the team played today in minnesota. he's talking about baseball, not a beauty contest. we're always talking about pitching. chris tillman was terrible to start the series. hunter outstanding last night. they would witness a good outing from chen. he allowed two runs in the first inning. only one more after that. that's quality. oriole hitters had a terrible time knocking in runs. reynolds had a chance to change what was an ugly day. didn't hit it hard but got the job done. two runs scored to put the oh os on top and they stayed there for a 4-3 victory. finally a clutch hit to win the game. >> it's frustrating. like i said, i was able to get one in there and give us the lead. >> referring to the orioles relief pitchers who finished the job, jim johnson got the final
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